Online Tools for Online Teaching

Online Tools Resources for Online / Mixed mode Class
Here are some tips to help you prepare for your online/hybrid classes.

  1. To take the Attendance for online/hybrid classes
  2. Sharing Class Materials & Setting Assignment
  3. Live Online Class
  4. Asynchronous Lecture (Moodle + Kaltura)
  5. Group Work & Discussion
  6. Online Presentation

 1. To take the Attendance for online/hybrid classes

 2.Sharing Class Materials & Setting Assignments

 3. Group Work & Discussion

  1. Discussion using Moodle Forums (Asynchronous)
  2. Discussion using Kaltura videos + Moodle Forums (Asynchronous) 
  3. Group work using Google Hangouts Meet  (Synchronous)
  4. Group Work using Zoom  (Synchronous)

4. Live Online Class 

  1. Live online class using Zoom (Synchronous)
    ◎How to teach an online lesson with Zoom (video 3:43)
    ・Invite students by Email
    ・Copy invitation URL and paste the URL into Moodle
  2. Live online class using Google Hangouts Meet (Synchronous)


 4. Moodle + Kaltura (Asynchronous) 

Stream on Moodle a video that was recorded in advance using Kaltura

5. GroupWork & Discussion

6. Online Presentation