Syllabus Guidelines

Syllabus is an important tool to describe what you guarantee to teach in your course; it can be considered as a contract between students and lecturers, and is essential/important for students' academic planning. 
Please read through the syllabus Guidelines and the entry schedule etc. before creating/submitting your syllabus.
For non-Japanese-speaking students, ICU encourages instructors to create your syllabus in English or both in English/Japanese.

Entry Schedule

 Submitting Due Date: February 28th, 2022
 Revising Due Date:    March 24th, 2022

 Here is the Academic Calendar


Entry Guideline

Faculty Members.png Newly Appointed Faculty Members.png


Syllabus System

Syllabus Entry System.png


Tips for Syllabus Development

Components of Syllabus.png Syllabus Design.png FAQ.png

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