Proofreading (Academic English Support)


  • All proofreading sessions will be held online. When making a proofreading reservation using the online reservation system, please select "online" as the consultation format. To join your online session, make sure to check the Zoom information of your proofreader from the link in the confirmation email that you will receive after making the reservation. For details, please check out the"Booking an appointment and attending a session."



Proofreading Schedule for Winter Term 2023

  • December 7 (Thu) - Sessions start
  • March 7 (Thu) - Sessions end

The office will be CLOSED on Saturdays & Sundays and for the following day:

  • December 25 (Mon) - January 8 (Mon)
  • February 2 (Fri)

What is Proofreading (Academic English Support)?

At Proofreading (Academic English Support), proofreaders offer 40-minute sessions and assist students in communicating their ideas and arguments clearly and effectively in English by

  • correcting errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure;
  • rephrasing sentences that sound unnatural;
  • making suggestions to improve readability; and
  • suggesting words and phrases to enable students to express what they wish to convey.

Students who feel that they cannot express what they would like to say in English very well or would just like someone to check their English before they submit their work are welcome to use this service. Up to 1,500 words may be submitted for proofreading each time students book an appointment.
Both English and Japanese can be used in the sessions.


What does a proofread document look like?

Proofreaders use the Track Changes feature and the Comments feature in Google Docs to make a note of the corrections that were made and the things that were discussed in the session. Click here to view a sample.


Am I eligible to use this service?

All ICU undergraduate students may use this service.


What kind of work may be submitted for proofreading?

Proofreading support is offered for academic documents written by undergraduate students. Examples of work that may be submitted for proofreading include senior theses, course assignments, essays, and papers.

*The following documents may not be submitted for proofreading:
・Assignments for ELA courses
・Application documents for programs for which the selection process is conducted by ICU



  • Up to 1,500 words can be submitted for proofreading each time you book an appointment. If you are submitting a document that contains more than 1,500 words, please highlight the 1,500 words that you would like to have proofread.
  • Please share your Google Doc with and grant edit access at the time of booking.
  • The office will make a copy of your Google Doc at 9:00 am on the day before your session. This will be the copy that will be proofread. If your session is on a Monday, the office will make a copy at 9:00 am on the Friday of the previous week.
  • Please use Grammarly to check your writing before submitting it for proofreading.
  • Proofreading support is not offered for the Works Cited, References, or Bibliography section.
  • You can reserve up to a total of two Writing Support sessions at a time.


Useful contents

NEW!! "Useful Contents for English Writing" is now available.

(This page is not available in English. The Japanese page contains resources on English grammar targeted at students whose first language is Japanese.)



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