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To prevent the spread of COVID-19, throughout Autumn term 2020, Proofreading sessions offered by the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) will be conducted online as in the Spring term. 
Please see the Autumn Term 2020 Proofreading Updates page (which can be accessed by clicking on the following link) to learn more information on how to book an appointment and what happens after you reserve a session.
Autumn Term 2020 Proofreading Updates

What is Proofreading (Academic English Support)?

Proofreading (Academic English Support) is a proofreading service that was launched by the Center for Teaching and Learning in 2016 to achieve the goal of increasing to 45% the percentage of students who write their senior theses in English.
At ICU, all students write a senior thesis. As part of its writing support services, the Center for Teaching and Learning offers proofreading support for students writing their senior theses in English to increase the percentage of students who write their senior theses in English.
To enable students who have completed the ELA to develop their English writing skills further and ultimately write their senior theses in English, proofreading support is also offered for students working on assignments, essays, and papers for undergraduate courses.
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At Proofreading (Academic English Support), proofreaders offer 40-minute sessions and assist students in communicating their ideas and arguments clearly and effectively in English by
  • correcting errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure;
  • rephrasing sentences that sound unnatural;
  • making suggestions to improve readability; and
  • suggesting words and phrases to enable students to express what they wish to convey.
Students who feel that they cannot express what they would like to say in English very well or would just like someone to check their English before they submit their work are welcome to use this service. Up to 1,500 words may be submitted for proofreading each time students book an appointment. 
Both English and Japanese can be used in the sessions.

What does a proofread document look like?

Proofreaders use the Track Changes feature and the Comments feature in Microsoft Word or Google Docs to make a note of the corrections that were made and the things that were discussed in the session. (Students should submit a Word document or a Google Doc wherever possible.)
Click here to view a sample.

Am I eligible to use this service?

All ICU undergraduate students may use this service.
*Graduate students are not eligible to use this service except in cases where they wish to receive proofreading support for writing that they have done for an undergraduate course. 

What kind of work may be submitted for proofreading?

Proofreading support is offered for academic documents written by undergraduate students. Examples of work that may be submitted for proofreading include senior theses, course assignments, essays, and papers.

*The following documents may not be submitted for proofreading:
・Documents that will actually be used as part of an ICU exchange/study abroad program application or an ICU graduate school application 
・Assignments, essays, papers, etc., for ELA courses


  • Up to 1,500 words can be submitted for proofreading each time you book an appointment. (Please note that proofreading support is only available for documents written in English.)
  • If you are submitting a document that contains more than 1,500 words, please highlight the 1,500 words that you would like to have proofread.
  • Please submit a Word document or a Google Doc wherever possible. (If you are submitting a Google Doc, you will be asked to grant edit access to your Google Doc when you make your booking.)
  • Proofreading support is not offered for the Works Cited, References, or Bibliography section.
  • Please use Grammarly to check your document before you book your appointment. 

How can I book an appointment?

Please use the online reservation system below to reserve a session.
*Please read this document before booking an appointment. It contains information on how to book an appointment and what happens after you reserve a session.

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  • Each session is 40 minutes in duration. You can reserve up to a total of two Proofreading (Academic English Support) and Writing Support Desk sessions at a time.
  • If, for unavoidable reasons, you wish to cancel your appointment, please email the Writing Support Desk ( 

 Other proofreading services

flair For students writing their senior theses, proofreading support is also offered via email.

         Please see here for more information. (This service is currently unavailable.)


flair There is also a proofreading service for science courses.
         For details and to make a booking, please see here. (This service is offered by the Natural Sciences department.)



  • An email telling me about this service arrived in my inbox just at a time when I was being stretched to the limit both mentally and in reality by the senior thesis. I remember feeling somewhat heartened when I received the email—just to know that such a convenient service exists made me feel supported. It seems as if it was only yesterday that I received this email... Please continue to provide this service!!!! I think that the proofreading service is very useful for students working on their senior theses.
  • This service greatly helped me in writing my senior thesis. Not only the comments and revised document that I was emailed at the end of each session but also the feeling of reassurance that came from knowing that I will receive guidance from a proofreader was very helpful. Instead of thinking “I can’t write in English very well... I find it hard to motivate myself,” I was able to think “I will just try and write something down and put into words what I want to say, and then I’ll go to CTL and work with a proofreader to revise what I have written.” This allowed me to write with much more ease from December onwards. Thank you very much.
  • I used this service many times in the run-up to submitting my senior thesis. I found the service very helpful. Thank you! 
  • The proofreader went through my work very carefully; I found this helpful. Thank you very much.


Frequently Asked Questions are available here.


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