Aug. 30, 2017

[GEX001] Creation of Pre-Class Videos (Cloud Campus + Moodle)

In order to be able to use class time for discussion, difficult parts of the assigned reading for this course were recorded for students to watch before class. This proved to be useful for students who were not native speakers of English (the language of the lectures) because they could rewind and listen to sections as many times as they needed, and they could follow the text in the video, which helped their reading comprehension.

Instead of recording an entire lecture, the videos were short, included text, and summarized the main points. Each video was about 10 minutes long so that students would not be bored. After watching the videos, the students could complete related quizzes on Moodle.

Short quizzes consisting of about five true/false questions were created using Moodle Quiz. Each quiz was designed simply and could be responded to once. Because the quizzes were scored automatically by Moodle, they also served to confirm that the videos had been viewed.

Instructor:  Jeremiah ALBERG
Course Title: GEX001 X: Introduction to Christianity
Term: 2017 Autumn
Enquiry: In order to be able to use class time for discussion, the instructor wanted to record videos of short lectures for students to watch before class.
Support: The instructor created videos using Cloud Campus, an application for creating online teaching material. Related quizzes were created on Moodle.
Tools: • Cloud Campus
• Moodle (Quiz)
References: FD Newsletter, vol. 21, no. 2 (“Teaching and Learning Support (1) “Flipping" a Classroom)