Jun. 23, 2020

The third “Brown Bag Lunch & Learn” was held. (June 18, 2020)

The third “Brown Bag Lunch & Learn” was held online on June 18. The theme was “Reflecting on Your Experience This Spring Term.” Professor Ikoma, CTL Management Committee member and FD Committee member, served as the facilitator. The Brown Bag Lunch was attended by ten faculty members and five staff members from CTL and the IT Center.

Listed below are excerpts from the responses that participants gave to the question “Reflecting on your experience this term, what did you learn?”

At CTL, we will solicit from faculty members examples of the things that were learned or good practices like those presented above, and offer support so that they can be utilized for future learning and teaching activities. The “Brown Bag Lunch & Learn” is scheduled to take place a total of three times in the Autumn Term in September, October, and November. It will be facilitated by CTL Management Committee members and FD Committee members.