Nov. 11, 2019

【FD Workshop】Quality Educational Assessment in Higher Education

FD Workshop "Quality Educational Assessment in Higher Education” by Dr. Gabriel Hervás Nicolás was held and aproximate 20 academic members and staffs attended.


◇Date & Time: Friday, October 11th, 2019  / 12:45 - 13:45
◇Venue: Multimedia Room, Othmer Library GF
◇Speakers: Gabriel Hervás Nicolás
       Assistant professor, the Department of Teaching and Learning and Educational Organization,the University of Barcelona
       Visiting Researcher of the Institute for Educational Research and Service、ICU

◇Language: English
◇Target: All Faculty and Staff, Graduate Student
◇Capacity: 30 persons
During the last 20 years, assessment has been generating debate in relation to its goals, usages and quality in Higher Education. Amongst others, three reasons stand out to explain this interest: i) the turn towards student-centered teaching-learning approaches;ii) the use of competencies as goals or learning outcomes; c) the common lack of pedagogical training of faculty. This seminar introduces ideas, reflections and discussion about trends, decisions and challenges related to, amongst other topics, the purposes and criteria for quality educational assessment and feedback and constructive alignment. With this, the seminar aims to offer a standpoint to analyze, discuss and enhance assessment practices at university level.