May. 27, 2021

New Faculty Development Program 2021 =Report #1=

The Spring session of the AY 2021 New Faculty Development Program (NFDP) was held on April 7. The NFDP was launched in AY 2017 and is now in its fifth year.

The NFDP is mainly delivered through a series of weekly sessions in the Autumn Term targeted at faculty members joining ICU in April or September each year. Before the start of the Spring Term this year, an extra session was held for faculty members who had just joined in April. In this session, the Director and the Associate Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) gave a presentation explaining the functions of CTL and Special Needs Support Services (SNSS).

The session was attended by nine faculty members. In the discussion that followed the presentation, participants asked questions covering topics such as the learning support for students offered in each different case. One of the participants commented: “It was reassuring to hear about the learning support structure that ICU has in place as I prepare to commence my teaching activities at ICU.” After the discussion, the participants toured the campus facilities. The session lasted around two hours in total.

NFDP 20210407.png