Application 2022

We are still accepting applications!!

We have extended the deadline to March 11 (JST).

Before beginning the application procedure, please confirm below. 

・The 2022 SCJ will be held online.
・We cannot provide any accommodation for 2022 SCJ.
・All dates and time refer to JST (Japan Standard Time).

2022 SCJ Catalog

Please take time to read our catalog carefully, so as to determine whether or not the courses we offer match your own needs and goals. 


For Applicants


Applicants should make every effort to ensure their application and supporting documents reach the appropriate offices before the deadline. Please read the “HOW TO APPLY FOR 2022 SCJ” which is linked below.


For those who will participate in the exchange/invitee program from Autumn Term 2022 after the completion of SCJ:

If you are a student nominated by one of our exchange/invitee partner universities and are applying for both the SCJ and exchange/invitee program, the application procedure is different from the ones listed here. Please follow the instructions given by your home institution.

For those who are applying for the English Language Based Admissions 2022 (September Entry):

See "6. QUALIFICATIONS FOR ADMISSION" and "7. APPLICATION PROCEDURE" on page 6 of the 2022 SCJ catalog for the details.


For partner institutions which are planning to send any students who will participate in SCJ only

If you are planning to send any students who will participate in SCJ only, please download the "(ICU2022SCJ)Student nomination list.xlsx " and upload the form on the short survey, Please also answer the questions about payment method of their application and tuition fee.

《For Partner Institutions》2022 ICU SCJ:Student information and payment survey

Please note that if you won't send any student in this category, you don't have to answer this survey.