Language Courses

SCJ draws upon almost 50 years’ experience in helping students learn Japanese. Because SCJ enjoys the expertise not only of ICU academic staff members, but also instructors from other universities throughout Japan and abroad, the SCJ teaching staff is dynamic, vibrant and innovative.
There are eight courses of Japanese instruction on offer. The program runs for six weeks (Monday through Friday), from 8:50 a.m. to 12:40 p.m. Afternoons are open for individual study, tutorials with teachers, and Culture Program events.

Course Description

Please refer to the following website which explains about ICU Japanese Language Programs(JLP);
C1-C7 of SCJ is equivalent to J1-J7 of JLP.


Placement in classes is determined by an essay and an interview. The placement test is conducted at the beginning of the courses. SCJ makes every effort to place students in the course to which they are best suited. No change in placement may be made after the first week.

Academic Credit

At the end of the course, the SCJ office will provide a certificate detailing the grade attained and the number of classroom hours. This will state that the Summer Courses in Japanese are equivalent in content, teaching method, assessment and rigor to the corresponding regular term courses at ICU, which are assigned five academic units of credit.
・The grade for this course will be based on academic performance plus a minimum of two-thirds attendance.
・Students who receive a passing grade of A, B, C, or D will receive the certificate.
・The SCJ certificate will be issued digitally online through Digitary CORE.