Online Christmas Concert 2020

Online Christmas Concert has ended

It was a new attempt to deliver the concert by live streaming.
Thank you for watching it and it was our great pleasure to share the joy of enjoying beautiful music.
Please enjoy  the concert  via the purchased ticket (URL) until December 25th (Friday).
Merry Christmas!

Not Distance, but... Systance

’Systance’ comes from the two Latin root words ’sys’ (together) and ’stance’ (stand). While we are now
physically separated, it is important to connect our hearts and face the current situation together. It is
with this wish that we created the new word ’systance’. A student choral group accompanied by 12
professional musicians will offer this concert with the aim of realizing our systance ideal. 
H. I. F. Biber     The Annunciation from Die Rosenkranz-Sonaten 
H. Schütz         Magnificat 
G. Gabrielli       Angelus Domini 
M. Praetorius    Puer natus in Bethlehem a 12
H. Purcell          Chacony
S. Schmidt/ Bach        O Little One Sweet
J.S. Bach         Piece d’Orgue
G.F. Handel     For unto us a child is born from Messiah
J. S. Bach        Sanctus/ Dona nobis pacem from Mass in B minor 
Soprano: Aya Fujii, Kozue Shimizu
Countertenor: Sumihito Uesugi
Tenor: Yosuke Taniguchi
Bass: Ikutaro Nakagawa
Violin: Yuki Horiuchi, Akira Harada
Viola: Rika Sasaki
Violin Cello: Toru Yamamoto
Harpsichord: Yoko Yamamoto
Organ: Ryo Tamiya
Director: Nozomi Sato
Flyer of the concert   Christmas 2020 .pdf