Zelkova House, Ginkgo House, Oak House

 The dormitory Zelkova House was completed in March 2010 and Ginkgo House and Oak House were completed in March 2011. Zelkova House, Ginkgo House and Oak House are to be a facility where students from various countries and cultures learn and live together, while aiming to realize an international education that encourages development of students in all aspect.
  Each dormitory has the same floor plan comprising of three floors with accommodations for 126 residents. Men reside on the 1st floors with women on the 2nd and 3rd floors. All rooms are doubles and offer ample space with about 25m2 (nearly 270ft2). It is hoped that with two students to each room, the dormitories will foster mutual understanding and respect as well as an atmosphere that cultivates friendship and a spirit of cooperation.
  A feature of these new dormitories is its security system. For all three dormitories, only residents and their families are permitted to enter the facilities. Residents unlock the entrance with their personal card key. Also, on the 1st floor of each dormitory are residential facilities for each dormitory’s supervisors.
Dormitory Facilities and Equipment
In each pod
【Twin Rooms】: beds, mattresses, desks, chairs, file cabinets, bookshelves, desk lamps, closets, lockers, small table, air-conditioner, WiFi
【Common area】 : refrigerators, shower rooms (no bathtub but residents may use Momi House first floor bath), bathrooms, washbasins, full-length mirror, storage room, vacuum
On Each floor
【Study Room】   : desks, chairs, whiteboard, cork board, WiFi
【Kitchen】           : refrigerator, microwave ovens, oven toasters, induction cooktops, rice cookers, electric pots, cupboard, tables, chairs
【Social Room】   : TV, table, sofa, whiteboard
【Laundry Room】: washing machines, drying machines, iron, ironing board
【Drying Room】  : laundry pole
Common facilities in the dormitory (1st floor)
【Lounge】          : table, sofa, whiteboard
【Infirmary】        : bed, table, chair, bathroom, wash basin
【Others】           : reception, mail boxes, shoe lockers, umbrella stands
Common facilities outside of dormitory
Bicycle parking space, garbage collection site
* All air-conditioned rooms.
* Wi-Fi available.
What to bring
Toiletries, laundry basket, towels, clothes hangers, room slippers and other personal belongings for your comfort are necessary.
As a basic rule, residents of Zelkova House, Ginkgo House and Oak House are required to use the Bedding Lease & Linen Supply Service because the storage, laundry and drying space is limited.
*The leased bedding fee is included in the dormitory fee.
Description of first floor
*Differs in detail according to the floor and dormitory
*About storespace, please visit  here
Zelkova House Ginkgo House Oak House
Duties and Rules
 In order to keep the dormitory clean, there are duties such as cleaning in each dormitory. Residents should follow the rules of the dormitory as well as cooperate with each other to organize their rooms and communal area and maintain cleanliness in the dormitory. Professional cleaners clean the the communal space Monday through Saturday.
Dormitory meetings are held monthly in each dormitory. Various matters concerning the dorm will be discussed in this meeting in order to make the dorm running smoothly. Attendance at these meetings is part of your requirements as a dormitory resident so be sure to participate.
*There are dormitories that set some kind of penalty for being absent from the meetings or  neglecting duties.

① Curfew 
  Residents must return to the dormitory before 0:00 a.m.(Midnight). If for unavoidable reasons residents are not able to return to the dormitory before curfew, residents must contact the dormitory supervisor as soon as possible.

② Notification for Temporary Curfew Exemption
  If residents will not be spending the night in the dormitory (including returning to one's home), they must inform the dormitory supervisor in advance.

③ Visitors
Inviting guests into the dormitory is prohibited except for residents’ families. Also, even if the visitor is a resident’s family, they are allowed only to the first floor lounge and not further.
However, in such case as moving into the dormitory and when the Housing Office gives permission, one can enter the dormitory.

④ Residents are prohibited from taking the following actions.
1)  Using students’ residential rooms in any ways other than those stipulated as its objectives
2)  Smoking in the dormitory or its environs
3)  Underage drinking (legal drinking age is 20 years old)
4)  Drinking alcohol outside students’ residential rooms
5)  Entering the living areas of residents of the opposite sex
6)  Keeping animals in the dormitory or its environs
7)  Bringing unpermitted electrical appliances, furniture, etc. into the dormitory.

⑤ Compensation for card key and closet key
  Compensation must be made for lost or broken card key and closet key.
Annual Events of Zelkova House, Ginkgo House and Oak House
Spring Term
April             Welcoming Events for April Students
May              Okada Cup (football tournament : male)
June             Kick Out Party for September Students
July              Summer recess (dormitories closed)
August           Summer recess (dormitories closed)
Autumn Term
September    Welcoming Events for September Students
October         Dormitory Festival
Winter Term
December       Caroling
January           Okada Cup (football tournament : male)
February         Kick Out Party for April Students
(1) Above schedule is subject to change.
(2) During the term, dormitory meetings are held once a month and it is mandatory to attend these meetings.
(3) There are other events within the dorm and among the other dormitories.
List of items that need approval to bring into Zelkova House, Ginkgo House and Oak House