How to Apply

Student Status and Eligibility

At ICU, the student status of all the exchange / invitee students are categorized as "(Exchange/Invitee) One-Year-Regular (OYR) student".

Students on Exchange programs are those who are the current students at our partner institutions for exchange program and apply for our exchange program to study at ICU for a full academic year or 1 term*. In general, exchange students pay their academic fees (tuition and fees) to their home institutions and the tuition and fees at ICU will be waived.
*ICU does not offer 1 term exchange to all the partners but only a few. Please ask the study abroad / international office of your home institution for the option.

Students on Invitee Programs are those who apply for ICU to study for either a full academic year or 1 term through the invitee partner institutions. In general, the academic fees (tuition and fees) will be charged to the invitee partner institutions or directly to the students. Details should be asked to the invitee institutions.

For those who are not the students at our partner institutions but are interested in studying at ICU for a full academic year, you can apply for "(Independent) One-Year-Regular Students". Please refer to our official website for application information.

Application Schedule

You may apply to ICU for exchange / invitee program starting from Autumn Term. Spring Term entry is also an option for some partners. Please contact the study abroad / international office of your home institution about the entry options.

Please note that nomination and application must be sent through the partner institutions.

Autumn 2021 Entry

Application Information Announcement: Late December, 2020

Nomination Deadline: February 26, 2021

Application Deadline: March 15, 2021

Notification of Result: Mid-May, 2021

On-campus Accommodation Application: Once accepted, by early June, 2021

Application Information

All the application information can be found at the "For Applicants" page which requires ID and password.

We only disclose the ID and password information to our exchange / invitee partners, so please contact the study abroad / international office of your home institution. We do NOT provide the information directly with students.