Student Life

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On-campus Accommodation

ICU has 9 dormitories, and 1 co-ed short-term residence for visiting faculty and students on campus. We cannot guarantee on-campus dormitories for all exchange/invitee students, and it can be competitive to get a room on campus because of the limited number of places. Please note that only full year students can apply for on-campus dormitories. Short-term students have a choice of living in the co-ed short-term residence (Dialogue House) or arranging an apartment or other types of housing off campus by themselves or through ICU Service, Ltd. Screening of dormitory applications will not be done on the “first come, first-served basis,” but will be done carefully based on your application documents. 

Off-campus Accommodation

ICU consigns the introduction of Off-campus housing such as Apartments, Student Dormitories, Student Apartment Houses and Share House to ICU Service Co., Ltd.. ICU Service, in cooperation with the cooperative agents, makes arrangements to provide beneficial conditions to students who are looking for off-campus residences.


Living with a Japanese family will enable you to experience Japanese culture, daily life and also to practice your Japanese language. However, homestay is not much common in Japan, and the number of the host-families is limited. ICU consigns the introduction of homestay families to Nextage Co., Ltd.. Nextage makes arrangements to provide appropriate homestay families to students who are looking for host families in Japan.

Extracurricular Activities

ICU students have a variety of extracurricular options in the arts, sports, academics and social fields. University events including the ICU Festival, Christian and International Weeks and the Dorm Festival are planned and carried out by student groups.

Student Support

The student support such as Counseling, Human Rights Consultation, Health Services, and Special Needs Support Service are available for exchange/invitee students at ICU.

Fees & Expenses

Basically, exchange students pay the tuition and fees to their home institution, and the tuition and fees for ICU will be waived. However, students are responsible to pay for their own housing, meals and all the other personal costs. Please ask the exchange program coordinator / study abroad advisor of your home university for details.

For invitee students, the tuition and fees for ICU will be charged either to their home institution or students themselves. Please ask your home institution for details.

For the other fees such as housing fees and living expenses, please refer to the "Estimated Living Cost".

*All of you are required to join the National Health Insurance (NHI) during your stay in Japan.