Biology is a discipline that is deeply related to our daily lives. Biology is essential for understanding our own body, the natural environment, and the biotechnologies used in medicine and food production. By the time of graduation our major students have not only a comprehensive grasp of the fundamentals of biology but also enough learning at the advanced level to enter any excellent graduate school. No matter what their next destination, one of the aim of the Biology Major Faculty is for every student to be qualified for any graduate school in the world. 


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Biology Major Prerequisit

  Major Minor
1 Course from the Following List
BIO102 Introduction to Biology
BIO101 Foundation of Biology
1 Course from the Following List
BIO102 Introduction to Biology
BIO101 Foundation of Biology
Grade Conditions None None

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Cell Biology


Animal Ecology &

Insect Physiology

Ethology of fish &

Environmental Science

We are investigating the brain cellular and molecular mechanisms of autonomic nervous system functions, such as blood pressure regulation, by using various rat experimental models.
Sabine Gouraud
By using plants such as tomato and morning glory, We are trying to understand at genetic and protein levels how plants recognize the light environment to control their development. 
Ryosuke Hayama
I am studying the ecology of animals that live on the ICU campus, such as badgers and raccoons. 
Makito Kobayashi
I am studying fish sexual behavior using goldfish as a model species and reproductive ecology of wild medaka for conservation.
Takehiko Kamito


Genetics &

Developmental biology

Plant Physiology


Using Drosophila melanogaster, we are studying metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, and also studying the division mechanism of spermatogonia.
Hiroyuki Kose
We are working on molecular mechanisms underlying responses of plants to photoperiod and environmental stresses.
Tsuyoshi Mizoguchi
We are trying to solve the tough way of life in microorganisms.
Tatsuo Nunoshiba






Sabine Sandra Stephanie GOURAUD

Biology Major  Associate Professor


Office SH E-109
Office Hour Th 13:00-15:00
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Ryosuke HAYAMA

Biology Major  Associate Professor


Office SH E-111
Office Hour
F 13:00-15:00
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Takehiko KAMITO

Biology Major Associate Professor


Office SH S-307
Office Hour Th 13:00-15:00
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Biology Major  Professor by Special Appointment


Office SH E-308
Office Hour Th 13:50-16:20
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Hiroyuki KOSE

Biology Major  Professor


Office SH S-103E-310
  M 14:40-15:30
Tu 11:30-12:30 
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Biology Major  Professor


Office SH E-110
Office Hour
Tu 13:50-15:00
Th 13:50-15:00
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Biology Major  Professor


Office SH E-102
Office Hour
M 15:10-16:20
F 15:10-16:20
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