The major in Chemistry will provide you with a comprehensive education in the fundamentals of matter and its changes, through lectures and practical laboratory courses, seminars and research projects offered within a liberal arts tradition. Faculty members deploy their strengths in education, research, and service to unlock students' potential, develop their values and basic approach to life through various programs, and cultivate their specialist knowledge, practical capabilities and logical thinking skills. These abilities fostered in the major will prove indispensable not only for graduates going on to higher degrees in chemistry, but also those pursuing careers in the natural sciences more broadly and other fields demanding scientific literacy.


Students aim to:

  1. Learn the basic concepts of chemistry and gain a working knowledge thereof.
  2. Acquire critical thinking skills to analyze data and make creative hypotheses.
  3. Acquire skills to test, evaluate, and improve hypotheses, and gain problem-solving skills that integrate theory and practice.
  4. Learn to present chemical concepts and scientific data appropriately to other people in a comprehensible way.
  5. Develop the skills and methodology to think broadly about the role of chemistry and its impact on individuals, society, and the environment, and to tackle ethical problems in the world in which they live.


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Physics Major Prerequisit

  Major Minor
1 Course from the Following List
CHM104 Introduction to Chemistry
CHM101 Foundation of Chemistry
CHM103 General Chemistry
CHM102 Foundation of Chemistry Laboratory
1 Course from the Following List
CHM104 Introduction to Chemistry
CHM101 Foundation of Chemistry
CHM103 General Chemistry
CHM102 Foundation of Chemistry Laboratory
Grade Conditions None None

Teacher Training Courses

License Subject[Science]

Senior Thesis・Employment

List of Senior Thesis Titles

Path After Graduation



Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Condensed Matter Physics

Applied Physics

Laser Science

I am creating interesting compounds with silicon chains. 
Julian Koe
I am synthesizing fluorescent compounds. 
Junji Kobatashi
Catalysts, a key role player in industrial chemistry, is a small metal or metal oxide particle less than nano-scale. My research interest is exploring a governing factor of controlling catalytic properties through the characterization of the small metal or metal oxide particles.
Wan-Jae Chun(Den)
Chemistry using accelerators. Synthesis and physical properties of novel compounds using particle beam Mössbauer spectroscopy, and studies of chemical behavior in substances with positive muons. We are applying muon X-rays to analysis and developing new analytical methods using particle beams.
Kenya Kubo
I’m investigating air pollution. I go out in the field as well as doing experiments in the lab.
Chika Minejima





Wang Jae CHUN

Chemistry Major  Professor


Office SH W-101
Office Hour
W 15:00-16:00
Th 14:00-15:00
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Chemistry Major Senior Associate Professor


Office SH W-302
Office Hour
W 10:10-11:20
W 11:30-12:30
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Julian R. KOE

Chemistry Major  Professor


Office SH W-102
Office Hour
W 10:30-11:30
F 10:30-11:30
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Kenya KUBO

Chemistry Major  Professor


Office SH W-303
Office Hour
Tu 11:30-12:40
F 11:30-12:40 
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Chemistry Major  Associate Professor Appointment


Office SH W-301
Office Hour
F 13:50-15:50
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