Information Science

In information science, we learn the techniques necessary to use programming languages, study the theoretical backgrounds for algorithms and data structures in discrete mathematics, and develop or apply computational methods for data science applications. 
We offer various courses on software development, data science, machine learning, information security, etc.
In case of research, it is possible to conduct senior projects in a wide range of fields, such as numerical analysis and its applications, network security, image and signal processing, time series analysis, and virtual reality.

ICU Introducing Information Science Major

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Information Science Major ・ Minor


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Theoretical Informatics

Data Science

Software Engineering

Realworld/Media Applications

Learn mathematics of algorithms and numerical methods.
Learn statistics and machine learning for big data analysis.
Takashi Kaburagi,
Keisuke Ishibashi, Andrea Kuticsne Matz
Have fun with learning programming and app development.
Andrea Kuticsne Matz, Keisuke Ishibashi
Enjoy the cyberworld of AR/VR designing smart applications.
Keiji Ohta, Takashi Kaburagi






Information Science Major  Associate Professor


Office SH S-306
Office Hour
Tu 12:40-13:50
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Information Science Major  Associate Professor


Office SH N-301A
Office Hour
M 13:00-14:00
F 11:30-12:30
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Information Science Major  Senior Associate Professor


Office SH S-310
Office Hour W 16:30-19:00
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Keiji OHTA

Information Science Major  Instructor by Contractual Appointment


Office SH S-104
Office Hour W 12:40-13:40 
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