Ways to give

Residents in Japan

Credit Card

Make a gift now by credit card, using our online giving forms for Friends of ICU.

Make a gift now by credit card, using our online giving forms for the Education and Research Fund.

*The date of the receipt will not be the date you applied to make your donation or when the payment made by credit card is transferred from your account. It will be the day the donation is transferred to an ICU account. When you make a donation with your credit card, the date of the receipt will be the day the credit card company transfers the payment to an ICU account. If you make your credit card donation in December, for example, the date on the receipt would be of the following year. Please note that your tax exemption for the donation will be for the following year.

*Credit card should only be used by the card holder.
*Once gifts have been completed, they cannot be canceled, changed or refunded.
*As stated under the bylaws of International Christian University's Privacy Policy, any personal information we receive will be used only for the purpose of fundraising and for contact from ICU.
*All information submitted on this form is transmitted securely via SSL certificate.


Automatic Withdrawal

Automatic withdrawal is an easy way to contribute the same amount each month/year. Please request an application form.

Request an application form


ATM and Internet Banking

If you intend to use ATM or Internet banking services, please provide donor information to the Advancement Office. Instructions will be sent to you by e-mail.

Provide donor information


Bank or Postal Office Transfer

Please request a transaction form (furikomi-yoshi). No transaction fee will be applied for transactions from post offices or branches of Mizuho Bank and MUFJ Bank, Ltd. using this form.
*If you make a transaction more than ¥100, 000, a valid identification will be needed.

Request a transaction form


Donations from Corporations (Donations to Designated Organizations)

The Promotion and Mutual Aid Corporation (PMAC) for Private Schools of Japan has a donation system, “Donations to Designated Organizations.” Under this system, corporate donors may count the entire amount of their donations as deductible expenses. For more information on the Donations to Designated Organizations, please visit the link below.

Request an application form



ICU welcomes many types of bequests. We will gladly answer any questions you may have about bequests.


Residents of the U.S., Mexico, and Canada

For transaction convenience, we suggest contacting the Japan ICU Foundation (JICUF) in New York. Your contribution through JICUF will be counted towards the 60th Anniversary Campaign, 100% of your contribution will be transferred to ICU, and your contribution will be tax deductible if you are a U.S. resident.

Japan ICU Foundation


Residents outside Japan (except the U.S., Mexico, and Canada)

Contributing directly to ICU by credit card online is the easiest way of giving. Those who have bank accounts in Japan can also use automatic withdrawal.