Founded in 1953 based on the spirit of Christianity, International Christian University cultivates capable global citizens who serve God and humankind to contribute to lasting world peace. The approximately 28,000 students who have graduated from the college and graduate school in the last 65 years are active all over the world, making full use of their learning at ICU to tackle myriad issues. ICU was established through sustained international cooperation between Japan and the United States and by generous donations.
Prominent figures as well as ordinary Japanese who found hope in a cause dedicated to world peace contributed wholeheartedly to the fund-raising drive despite the hardships of the post-war years. To meet the expectations of countless people who helped us build and maintain our university, and to provide a rich education and research environment for students and faculty, we ask you for your continuing support and understanding.

Chair, Board of Trustees   Hirotaka Takeuchi
President    Shoichiro Iwakiri

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Alumni, Other Prospective and Current Donors

About the "Friends of ICU (FOI)"

Giving to Friends of ICU

Overall Support for ICU(use not specified)  

Part of the donations for unspecified use will be incorporated into the University Fund as an important source of continuing financial support for the University.

Purpose of Use (if you have any designation(s) from below)

Financial support for students

Pay Forward Fund

ICU Peace Bell Scholarships

ICU Torch Relay Scholarship

Fundraising to Support Students Affected by Natural and Other Disasters (Incl. Supporting Ukrainian Students)

Fundraising for Short Term Emergency Aid for Students in Need

Emergency Support for Students with Financial Hardship caused by COVID-19 (Donation period ended)

Maintaining the campus

Improvement of Facilities (General)

Fundraising for Renovation of the East Wing of the Diffendorfer Memorial Hall (Donation period ended)

Fundraising for Construction of the New Educational Facility Troyer Memorial Arts and Sciences Hall (Donation period ended)

Conserving the Natural Environment on Campus

Support for cultural activities

Taizansō Conservation Fund

Supporting the Hachiro Yuasa Memorial Museum

Supporting Organ Music at ICU


Syrian Scholars Initiative: SSI(Joint drive with the Japan ICU Foundation )

Fundraising for the ICU student-led project to translate and publish a book on the UDHR in illustration (Donation period ended)

Naming opportunities, Entitling you to have your name engraved into the plaques; please click here


Guarantors of Current Students

Education and Research Fund