Q. Are gifts to ICU tax-exempt?

     A. Donations to ICU can make use of tax exemption systems for Japanese income, corporate and probate taxes (exemptions do not extend to donations to high school's parents' fund, Education Enrichment Fund). For details, visit our page on tax benefits .

Q. I lost my receipt. Can I get another?

     A. Yes, ICU can reissue a receipt. The word "reissued" will be printed on the receipt in Japanese. When you receive the reissued receipt, the original receipt becomes invalid. Therefore, if you find the old one, please discard it.

Q. On the pledge form and the form for making bank transfers there is a space to request the gift be anonymous. What happens if the gift isn't anonymous?

     A. Out of appreciation for gifts, ICU prints the names of donors in the biannual publications such as "The ICU" and posts on our website. Donors names are not made public if they wish their gift to be anonymous.

Q. What are benefits of giving to ICU?

     A. Donors receive a Friends of ICU card with any gift of ¥10,000 or more. For the details, please refer to Benefits .


Credit Cards

Q. What credit cards can I use when making a gift to ICU?

     A. Any credit card with brand marks of Visa/MasterCard/Amex/JCB/Diners may be used.

Q. I used my credit card to make a gift but I haven't received a receipt.

     A. ICU issues receipts for gifts made with credit cards after the credit card company has transferred funds. This process usually takes up to 1 or 2 months. The date on your receipt will be the date the credit card company made the payment, not the date of your pledge on line. For this reason, receipts for gifts pledged in December will be dated the following year and tax exemptions will also be for the following year. For details, visit our page on Payment Date and Issue of Receipts .


About Group Donations

Q. I want to make a donation with friends.

     A. We have a Group Donation category. Please refer here .