Jun. 15, 2023

70th anniversary Fundraising Campaign for ICU Founders' Day  (June 15 to July 14, 2023)

This year, International Christian University celebrates its 70th anniversary. Through large-scale fundraising activities in the U.S. and Japan, supported by both Christians and non-Christians alike, International Christian University was founded. The generous donations enabled ICU to purchase a spacious greenery land in Mitaka City, Tokyo for its campus, epitomizing many people’s strong will and wishes seeking for peace. These wishes have been passed on to the ‘Friends of ICU’ circle, which provides us with thoughtful support and cooperation.
This year, Pay Forward Fund is designated as a campaign target to encourage expansion of ICU scholarships.
Hoping to share the ICU spirit and values since the foundation, as well as to expand the “Friends of ICU” furthermore, we would like to hold a fundraising campaign to commemorate ICU Founder’s Day on June 15.
To celebrate our 70th Anniversary with as many Friends as possible, we increased the number of commemorative items this year. We would truly appreciate your support for this special year.

<Outline of the Fundraising Campaign>

    • Campaign Period:New Donations received between June 15 and July 14, 2023

    • Donation Amount:1 single donation amount of more than 3,000 yen

  • Commemorative Gift:
    All donors will be presented with two bags of ICU original tea (10g per bag).
    30 winners will be selected by lottery to receive other ICU original goods.
    10 donors making a single gift of more than \30,000 will be selected by lottery to be presented with ICU soy sauce(not for sale・2 small bottles).
    All donors giving a single gift of more than \100,000 will be presented with a sun catcher made of recycled glass from the D-Kan(not for sale・with University Chapel motif).
    These commemorative gifts will be delivered to all donors by the end of October 2023.
ICU original tea
ICU original tea(two bags)
ICU Original Goods
Sample of ICU Original goods (Eco-friendly bag, Ice Cream Spoon, Bamboo pen)
ICU Soy Sauce

We are afraid that requests for the type or design of original goods cannot be accepted.


    • Delivery Method of Gifts
      It will be delivered via postal mail to your designated address within Japan with a letter of appreciation and receipt of your donation. However, please note that shipping is only available within Japan. For donors via JICUF(for U.S. residents)or donors who reside outside of Japan, please specify the receiver’s address in Japan so that we can ship it.
      Please let us know via email titled “Gift Shipping Request.” We will send sun catchers overseas when shipment by postal mail is possible.

    • Use of the Donations
      Pay Forward Fund

    • Campaign Period
      New applications for donations between June 15 and July 14 will be eligible for the campaign.

    • Donation application period
      When making the donation with a credit card, the automatic reply mail must be dated on or before July 14.
      The date on the receipt will be the date the credit card company makes the payment to ICU.
      IIf you use a bank transfer form for the donation, you will be eligible for the campaign if the date on the transfer is July 14 or before that date.

    • Commemorative Gifts
      Only a single donation made within the designated term or a new application for recurring donations will be eligible for the campaign.

  • Sending of Letter
    As we are in the midst of a fundraising campaign, we would like to send a letter about this campaign to all donors residing in Japan.
    Please note that we may not able to send this letter to donors living overseas due to the restrictions imposed by the new coronavirus. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

    Donation via JICUF(for U.S. residents) or those living abroad Include “Request for tea” in your email. Please note that the tea will be sent to your designated address within Japan.

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Alumni and Donors


  • Special Commemorative Item: Original ICU Soy Sauce “Vision and Dream”(not for sale)
    We named the soy sauce with a quote from the founding President Hachiro Yuasa, “Vision to the youth and a dream for old men.”
    We will be offering our original soy sauce to commemorate our 70th Anniversary (limited to ten bottles). It was specially produced by Aritaya (established in 1832), a brewery in Annaka City, Gunma Prefecture. Its third-generation President Jiro Yuasa was Hachiro Yuasa’s father.

     Aritaya Co., Ltd.http://www.aritaya.com/about/


  • Special Commemorative Item: Glass Sun catcher with ICU University Chapel motif(not for sale)
    We will present donors making a single gift of more than \100,000 with a sun catcher made of recycled glass from the D-kan windows.
    ※ The photo is a sample. It may differ from the item to be presented.
    ※Please note that the number of ICU chapel motived commemorative gifts is limited up to 40. If the number of donations exceeds the number of commemorative gifts, we will send you ones with a different design (D-kan or Main Hall)or other original goods.


Advancement Office, International Christian University