Sep. 20, 2019

2019 ICU Peace Bell Scholarship Award Ceremony (September) Was Held

On Tuesday, September 3, 2019, the ICU Peace Bell Scholarship Award Ceremony was held at ICU Alumni House. Two new scholars will lead their new lives at ICU.

At the award ceremony, not only persons affiliated with ICU but also persons affiliated with the ICU Alumni Association and senior scholars were in attendance.
They warmly welcomed the new scholars, who had just attended the matriculation ceremony in the morning. After that, the new scholars gave a speech to express
their ambition for the new school life and the gratitude to the donors for the support, and they were once again congratulated on their matriculation at ICU.

ICU Peace Bell Scholarship is a scholarship system unique to ICU, supported entirely by donation.
The scholars receive 1 million yen each year (a total of 4 million yen over four years). Undergraduate students apply for the scholarships before entering
the university and receive aid for all four years of their study.
Your continued support for futurescholars would be much appreciated.