Special Needs Support


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・About Special Needs Support Services (SNSS)

In accordance with the Basic Policy below, International Christian University, through the Special Needs Support Services (SNSS) office, provides reasonable accommodations to students with physical disabilities (orthopedic disabilities, visual impairments, hard of hearing/deaf), health impairments, learning disabilities, developmental disabilities, and psychological disabilities,etc. The SNSS office is also working to promote the creation of a universal learning environment in collaboration with students, faculty, staff, relevant departments at ICU, etc.

・Basic Policy for Students with Special Needs

Standing by the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ICU shall prepare and maintain an environment in which all students can learn on the basis of equal opportunity, without any discrimination, and with dignity. ICU shall secure opportunities for those with disabilities to participate in learning, teaching, research, and other related activities equally alongside those without disabilities.

・Reasonable Accommodations

Reasonable accommodations in the university setting are changes or adjustments that are necessary to ensure that students with disabilities are given equal access to the learning environment and may participate in learning alongside those without disabilities. What constitutes “reasonable accommodations” depends not only on the type and degree of disability but also on the course, the environment in which classes are conducted, requests made by the individual student, etc.


-Guidelines for Eliminating Discrimination Against Persons with Disabilities
-Points of Note Concerning Faculty and Staff Guidelines for Eliminating Discrimination Against Persons with Disabilities

Accessibility Map

SNSS leaflet

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