Friends of ICU Award

Previous Laureates

MARUTONE APEX. Inc. is a local company based in Mitaka, with demolition and civil engineering operations headquartered within a few minutes' walk from ICU. They participated in beautification activities of Mitaka City for over the years and through their self-service, they gave great courage and vitality to the community. In particular, they have been cleaning the roundabout in front of the ICU main gate early in the morning every week for approximately 30 years as a volunteer. Their outstanding social and community activities truly embody the philosophy of International Christian University.
Kazuko Shiota
Kazuko Shiota supported the ICU cafeteria for over 25years and provided cafeteria-user-oriented service through paying attention to each and every student, faculty and staff member. This long-standing dedication and commitment have supported the mental and physical wellbeing of many ICU members and has provided a shining example to the ICU community.
AY2021 Glocal Mitaka (Volunteer Organization)
This group provided opportunities for ICU international students to contribute to the community, by connecting international students and local people. They created and maintained a place where local people, ICU and ICUHS students can learn about global issues and help each other, and where they can practice being global citizens. In addition, they have supported international students during the COVID-19 pandemic. The series of activities are the very embodiment of ICU's philosophy, and we look forward to the continued and ongoing development of these activities.
AY2020 John Maher C. (Professor by Special Appointment, Division of Arts and Sciences College of Liberal Arts)
During his long career at ICU, Professor John Maher has been a devoted supporter of the university and a dedicated mentor to many faculty members. His selfless contributions to the university and to other faculty members are representative of the spirit of ICU, and he has been selected for the Friends of ICU Award in recognition of the many contributions he has made to the ICU community.
AY2017 Chizuru Yamazaki (Division of Arts and Sciences College of Liberal Arts)
Not only did Ms. Yamazaki take part in a series of English debating competitions and international moot courts, winning many prizes along the way, she also displayed impressive leadership skills thereby contributing considerably to new developments in defining the status of “legal education as a central pillar of the Liberal Arts philosophy”. These various activities encapsulate the ICU vision of Liberal Arts and are to be commended.

Kyoko Yamaguchi(Former Full Time General Staff Member)
From 1985, when she started working at ICU, until her untimely death at the age of just 52, Ms. Yamaguchi garnered the trust and respect of so many colleagues and students in ICU - as a result both of her honest approach to her work and her profound awareness of the needs of those around her. At a time when collaboration between faculty and staff is being widely promoted in the sphere of higher education, she is to be commended for the manner in which, until the end, she continued to serve as an embodiment of this ideal to so many staff members and to the ICU community more broadly.
AY2016 Yukari Ishida(Alumna, Division of Arts and Sciences College of Liberal Arts)
Ms. Ishida started her environmental improvement for blind people as a student at ICU. After completing postgraduate studies, she became the first intern for the NGO Internship program run by Japanʼs Ministry of Foreign Affairs and worked for an NGO in the Philippines. Ms. Ishida makes good use of her experiences and continues her activities, as a responsible global citizen, including improvement of the learning environment at The Philippine National School for the Blind as a member of Free The Children Japan. These activities set an example for the ICU community and are deserving of recognition.

Ayane Kato (Alumna, Division of Social Sciences College of Liberal Arts)
Ms. Kato greatly contributed to the launch and development of the ICU Junior Campus Camp based on Liberal Arts Education, one of the ICU’s fundamental educational principles. She not only established the program but also enhanced the growth of ICU students who were trained as camp leaders. Furthermore, she established another camping program with local citizens and companies for children who had suffered from the Great East Japan Earthquake. Ms. Kato has shared ICU's philosophy with society through activities that perfectly embody ICU’s holistic education and which are deserving of recognition.
AY2015 Yuki Kurisu(Division of Arts and Sciences College of Liberal Arts)
Ms. Kurisu made many important contributions to the creation of a movement calling for and seriously considering democracy and peace through activities such as speeches in a student organization that considers politics and takes action. These activities, which respect democracy, peace, and human rights, perfectly embody ICU’s liberal arts philosophy and are deserving of recognition.

Ken Kuroki(Division of Arts and Sciences College of Liberal Arts)
Mr. Kuroki demonstrated outstanding leadership in the long-established ICU Debating Society. In addition, he made many important contributions to the propagation and promotion of debate in Japan through activities such as workshops. That leadership was also demonstrated in various other contexts, including a student dormitory, the Office of Special Needs Support Services, and the Top Global University Project. These activities set an example for the ICU community and are deserving of recognition.
AY2014 Masako Deguchi (Alumna, Division of Social Sciences College of Liberal Arts)
In recognition of her work as a “responsible global citizen” for 18 years at “Pinatto” in support of reconstruction of areas affected by the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines and at “Space Hachinoko” in support of families from other countries living in Japan, ICU presents her with the Friends of ICU Award in the belief that these activities set an example for the ICU community and embody the educational philosophy of the University.
AY2013 Translation Project Team of "Unfinished Business: What We Still Don't Know about Minamata Disease" (Student Volunteers)
This team translated into English the proceedings “Unfinished Business” which recorded the “For-By-With Minamata” group's lectures with a doctor specializing in Minamata disease and an individual afflicted with the disease. The project increased awareness about industrial and environmental pollution and posed new questions to society on these issues. The team enhanced visibility of student activities at ICU and shared ICU's principles with a student of another university. This award is given in recognition of the project's service as a model for the ICU community and as a realization of ICU's educational philosophy.

Dr. Kazuko TANAKA (Professor, Div. of Arts and Sciences, CLA)
Dr. Tanaka established the Center for Gender Studies, rapidly progressed its activities, and established the center as a place for distinctive research and other work for not only researchers but undergraduate students and activists working outside ICU. Through her distinguished leadership, Dr. Tanaka promoted greater awareness of human rights on the ICU campus. This award recognizes these achievements as a realization of ICU's liberal arts philosophy and respect for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
AY2012 Mutual-and-Child-Aid Task Force /East Japan Center for Free Clinical-Educational Service (Institute for Advanced Studies of Clinical Psychology)
The "Mutual-and-Child-Aid Task Force" began offering clinical services to those affected by the disaster and to those working to support them immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake. They founded the "East Japan Center for Free Clinical-Educational Service" as a cooperative project with a local university. The group's activities are a further realization of the principle of ICU.
AY2011 Dr. David W. Rackham (Professor, Div. of Arts and Sciences, CLA)
Over some 27 years Dr. Rackham has offered guidance to students in various difficulties. ICU believes such contributions to be at the heart of its philosophy, and with the hope of recognizing these praiseworthy contributions he has been selected for the Friends of ICU Award.
AY2008 Indigenous Peoples Summit ICU Support Team (Student Volunteers)
The group provided support on a volunteer basis at the ‘Indigenous Peoples Summit, Ainu Mosir,’ which was held in Hokkaido just before the G8 Summit. Activities began with work prior to the summit on preparatory study sessions and translations related to the indigenous peoples and international conference operations; they continued during the summit with interpreting and other operational support; and included submission of a report on the overall summit activities after the completion of the project. The group’s activities were a further realization of the principle of ‘doing liberal arts.’
AY2007 Dr. Jacqueline H. WASILEWSKI (Professor, Div. of International Studies, CLA)
The recipient has demonstrated leadership by energetically promoting communication among ICU students and faculty of various ethnic, linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Her promotion of dialogue is a model for all members of the ICU community who seek to realize the ideals of a liberal arts education.

Ms. Zeenia Kaul (Div. of Natural Sciences, Senior, CLA)
In addition to achievement of superior interdisciplinary results in a senior thesis, the recipient participated in the ‘Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar,’ for which she was chosen as representative from Japan, thereby fulfilling the role of a bridge between Japan and the world.
AY2006 ICU Debating Society (Circle)
The ICU Debating Society has made many contributions to parliamentary debate, both in sparking interest and raising standards in debate. The society has participated in numerous competitions and activities aiming at superior English communication skills have made the society a model of ICU's educational principles.

"Louis" English Braille Transcription Circle
This group has made immeasurable contributions over many years to the education of visually impaired students at ICU through the prompt and accurate transcription of innumerable English texts into Braille.
AY2005 Mr. Masakazu Kanazawa (Div. of International Studies, Junior, CLA, Deceased, January 2005)
While at once fighting an incurable disease, he pursued his studies with inspiration and a sincerity of effort and attitude, giving courage to fellow students. He strengthened ties with his family and brought the ICU to a new understanding of its mission as an educational institution. The book by his sister Eriko, ‘My Little Brother: Cute and Selfish,” was a phenomenon symbolic of the values of the ICU.

Mr. Joshua Sutherland (One Year Regular)
For his distinguished service in the Sumatran tsunami of Dec. 26, 2004 in saving human lives and in creating a deep impression on our faculty and students upon returning to Japan.
AY2004 Ms. Miyako Shimba (Div. of Natural Sciences, Senior, CLA)
For her exceptional academic record. Her senior thesis was highly evaluated as a bridge between science and history, which represents liberal arts education of ICU.

Ms. Boon Yoke Margaret Soo (Rotary World Peace Scholar, Class I)
The multiple contributions she made to the pioneer year of the Rotary World Peace Scholars Program. Her maturity, competence and dedication to making the program work were a priceless resource for ICU.
AY2002 Mrs. Zenora Rackham (Counselor at Counseling Center, Part-time and Lecturer of English Language at ICU High School, Part-time)
For her many years of countless contributions in instructing and supporting ICU students, especially non-Japanese and ICU High School students.
AY2000 Mr. Norihiro Kuroishi (GSE, Second year, Doctoral Course)
For submitting an excellent Doctor Thesis.
AY1999 Ms. Yasuko Futaba (Div. Social Sciences, Freshman, CLA)
Besides acquiring excellent grades, her positive attitude towards overcoming the difficulties she faces as a visually challenged person matches the educational ideals held by ICU.
AY1996 Ms. Noriko Yoshimura (GSNS, Second year, M.A. Course)
For submitting an extremely superb Master Thesis.


Hiroshi Suzuki  (Professor, Division of Arts and Sciences College of Liberal Arts)
From the time of his arrival at ICU in 1993 right up until just before his retirement in 2019, Professor Suzuki has held a weekly Bible study session in his campus home and, in so doing, not only did he provide a practical example of Liberal Arts education through dialogue with students, but he also shared his home with students to explore the fundamentals of Christianity, the founding principle of ICU. Through his personality and his resolute Christian faith, he exercised a profound influence on many, serving as both a source of moral compass and as a harbinger of hope. This long-standing attitude of assiduous and devoted service towards realization of this fundamental goal has provided a shining example to the ICU community and is deserving of commendation.

Yusuke Yasuda  (Alumnus, Division of International Studies College of Liberal Arts)
Under the slogan “creating a society where constant repetition is encouraged”, Mr. Yasuda has not only established his private tuition cram school for those wishing to re-enter the education sector and offer valuable teaching there; in collaboration with a group of supporters, he has also promoted an initiative to strengthen the roots of social support with the objective of eradicating disparity in educational opportunities amongst children. With unstinting resolve, his positive approach has provided encouragement and vitality to others and his success in embodying the spirit of ICU is deserving of commendation. We look forward to the continued and ongoing development of these activities and their increased impact on society.