Taizansô Conservation Fund

Located on ICU’s main campus in Mitaka, Taizansô was designated a Registered Tangible Cultural Property by the Japanese government in 1999 under the name “International Christian University Taizansô.” Efforts are being made to recognize the historical value of Taizansô and conserve it under better conditions. Donations will be used for the restoration and maintenance of Taizansô.


  • Purpose of Donation: To renovate and preserve Taizansō
  • Target: A portion of AY 2017 and AY 2018 renovation costs (62 million yen)
  • Term of Donation: April 1, 2018 – March 31, 2019
  • Tax exemption for donation: For a resident in Japan, donations to ICU will be tax deductible.
  • Donor Recognition: The names of donors will be listed in the university magazine, the ICU, etc.
  • Taizanso Conservation and Restoration Fund


Please join in working to conserve and restore the Taizanso complex, one of Japan's registered cultural heritage sites.

With great awareness of the Taizanso's historic value, ICU has been working to properly maintain the site. In 2003 ICU students started the “Taizanso Project,” which works to repair the site's badly damaged thatched roof. Students also work to clean the site, open it to the public, use it to practice the Japan tea ceremony, and research the building for a class in museum sciences, all together efforts to steadily both preserve the building and make it open for public enjoyment. Also starting from 2003, ICU implemented a restoration plan and the site's Kofukyo building, machiai teahouse, front gate and shoin style drawing room were each restored one at a time. Recent restoration work was carried out on the shoin and the stairs and railings leading to the Kofukyo.

Taizanso is open to public only during ICU festival or Tokyo Bunkazai Week.  All donations received are used to conserve and restore Taizanso. Thank you for your generous support.