Oct. 20, 2018

2018 Homecoming Event “The Natural Inhabitants of ICU Campus ” Was Held

On October 20, 2018 (Sat.), during ICU Festival , the 2018 homecoming event “The Natural Inhabitants of ICU Campus” was held as in previous years. ICU’s homecoming is co-hosted by ICU Alumni Association and ICU and invites ICU alumni to the ICU campus. Approximately 80 participants once more learned about the natural inhabitants  of the ICU campus and thought about the nature on campus. The event day consisted of a lecture on natural inhabitants of the ICU campus; field observation; lunch centered around curry using some vegetables produced in Mitaka; an introduction to the past and present of the campus; and lastly a panel discussion by ICU faculty, ICU trustees, and ICU alumni from their respective standpoints. At the event, Alumni Association goods made with wood from cherry trees on campus that were cut down after being deemed to be in danger of falling down were sold. There were also calls for donations to the Conserving the Natural Environment on Campus fund, and donations amounting to 33,000 yen were collected in the collection boxes set out at the homecoming event and Alumni House.