Dec. 14, 2018

A "Donor Appreciation Event for the New Physical Education Facilities Fund Campaign" Was Held


A donor appreciation event hosted by the President for the New Physical Education Facilities Fund Campaign was held on Saturday,
December 1, 2018, at ICU’s new physical education facilities.

Approximately 40 people participated on the day. The event opened with a speech by the President. Next, the chairperson of the International
Christian University Basketball Club Alumni Chapter gave a speech representing the donors, and the chairperson of the Sports Clubhouse
Users (SCH) Committee gave a speech representing the students. A performance by the International Christian University Cheerleading Team
Angels ensued. This was followed by a tour of the new and existing physical education facilities in which the participants watched a swimming
demonstration and toured each gym. Through the tour, the participants were able to gain an understanding of the significance of the new physical
education facilities and an understanding of the Health and Physical Education Program, the curriculum of which was changed in recent years.
The latter half of the event consisted of a social gathering, and the event closed with a speech from the Alternate Chair of the Board of Trustees
and a speech from the Director of the Health and Physical Education Program.

We will continue to accept donations to this fund until the end of March 2020. We ask for your continued support to help us strengthen the health
and physical education unique to a liberal arts university that we offer and to help us further enhance our physical education facilities.

For information regarding this fund, please see this page.