ICU Peace Bell Scholarships

A system unique to ICU supported mostly by alumni, Peace Bell Scholarships started with the image of passing a lit torch along from one generation to the next. undergraduate students apply for the scholarships before entering the university and receive aid for all four years of their study.


Through an alumni initiative, ICU started its "Peace Bell Scholarship" for students who demonstrate financial need and superlative talent.

Since it started in 2008, the scholarship has allowed individuals who believe in ICU's unique philosophy to support students over their four years of undergraduate university education. Each year, Peace Bell Scholars receive ¥1 million (a total of ¥4 million over 4 years).

Since 2012, a second scholarship was established which allows ICU to offer scholars exemptions from tuition, room, and other fees (approximately ¥2 million in exemptions annually) and thus extend the university's distinctive education to an even greater number of highly accomplished young people.

Some 15 scholars are selected each year. As leading ICU students, the scholarship provides support for them to make exemplary contributions in and out of the classroom, and ultimately, after graduation, to society as a whole.



  • Name: ICU Peace Bell Scholarship
  • Campaign Target: ¥88 million/year
  • Period: A permanent campaign
  • Giving: Gifts of any amount are appreciated. Please provide donor information by submitting gift form or sending an e-mail. With a gift of ¥4 million or more (the amount to support a single student for 4 years), individual and corporate donors may name their scholarship.
About ICU's Peace Bell

ICU's peace bell was given to the ICU Chapel for its 50th anniversary to honor Hisato Ichimada, former governor of the Bank of Japan and supporter of the university when it was first established. The bell is engraved with words from the First Epistle of Peter: "Let Them Seek Peace and Pursue It."




Messages from our donors and former scholars