Emergency Support for Students with Financial Hardship caused by COVID-19 (Donation period ended)

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Emergency Support for Students with Financial Hardship caused by COVID-19



  • Purpose of Donation : To provide grants to those students who have suffered economic losses as a result of the measures taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and whose academic futures are consequently in danger.
  • Target : 75 million  yen or more (Revised from 25 million yen or more)
  • Terms of Donation : May 2020 - August 31, 2020
  • Tax Exemptions for Donations : Your donation is tax-deductible in Japan. For donors living in the USA, Canada or Mexico, please contact JICUF (Japan ICU Foundation) in New York.
  • Donor Recognition : ICU will honor your donation by publishing your name in the university bulletin, ‘The ICU’, and other media (except those who prefer to remain anonymous).




[Message from Dean of Students]

Who could have imagined this situation? COVID-19 is currently not only threatening the life of all human beings but also their economic activities, representing a blow to the world economy greater than the 2008 Lehman shock. To make matters worse, nobody knows when and how this unknown virus will be tamed.

Given this situation, we have been contacted by several students and their guarantors who have concerns about payment of fees, due to drastic family income changes caused by COVID-19.

We expect that these students, studying despite all the hardship, will emerge as precious members of society who will make use of their courage and competence in problem-solving to challenge the unprecedented difficulties for which nobody knows the answer. This expectation has led us to develop grants for students with economic difficulties caused by COVID-19 and its prolonged aftereffects. The bursary will start by covering students’ Autumn-term tuition and facility fees.

As a University, we earnestly ask you all for your support in helping us best serve those students in need. We greatly appreciate your consideration and generosity in this difficult time.

Etsuko Kato, Dean of Students


*If the total donation amount for this “Emergency Support for Students with Financial Hardship caused by COVID-19” exceeds the amount required for the fall term, in principle, we will spend any remaining funds in the winter to support students with financial hardship caused by COVID-19. If funds still exist, we may use them for other financial support for students. Thank you in advance for your understanding.