Jan. 20, 2020

Service-Learning Scholarship Available from 2020

Service-Learning Scholarship will be available from summer of 2020. If you want to apply for it, please see below and proceed to apply with SL program application by Thursday, January 23, 2020.

Application for SL programs

Please apply from "SL_Support" at Moodle.

SL Scholarship

For the purpose of generating more opportunities for students to engage with service and a rich experiential learning of liberal arts education, SLC has established the Service-Learning Scholarship from 2020 to students who are selected by screening. The scholarship will cover the travel cost, living cost, and the program fee (if applicable) during the SL activities.


Domestic: Transportation fee and accommodation fee
*Maximum payment: Tokyo metropolitan area: 80,000 yen, Other areas: 150,000
*Rent for your apartment will not be covered.
International: Program fee and air fare
Costs borne by students: Visa application fee (if required), vaccine, insurance, stipends, other personal expenses.

Requirements for Applying for SL Scholarship

  1. To hold a strong will to utilize knowledge and experiences obtained from ICU for societies.
  2. To engage with promotion of service activities on and off campus as SL Ambassador after participating in the SL program.
  3. To have suffi cient potential to be able to do service activities on campus or in communities and to deepen refl ective and academic inquires based on what s/he learned from service activities.
  4. To have GPA of 2.5 and above.

Application and Screening

Application and selection process
  1. Deadline: Wednesday, January 23, 2020: check the box if students are willing to apply for scholarship on the “SL Application Form (p.65, p.67)” and submit “SL Scholarship Essay”.
  2. Early February: Interview
  3. Late February: applicants will receive a notice of result from SLC.
Essay requirements
Community SL
Program (a)Host institutions arranged by SLC (c) JSSL
(b)Self-arranged host institutions
SL Scholarship Apply Not Apply Apply Not Apply
SL Application Form English or Japanese English or Japanese English English or Japanese
SL Scholarship Essay English or Japanese Not required English Not required

International SL
Scholarship Apply Not Apply
SL Application Form English English or Japanese
ISL Application Essay English English
SL Scholarship Essay English Not required