Common Good Grant

Common Good Grant for community.png
Starting in 2021, the Japan International Christian University Foundation (JICUF), in partnership with the Service-Learning Center, will implement the Common Good Grant (CGG) Project to support the local community around ICU. JICUF will provide 1,000,000 yen in funding to local non-profit organizations to help revitalize the local community.
First of all, 15 undergraduate students will be selected to form the CGG student committee. After forming the committee, the students will research non-profit operating near the ICU campus and solicit grant applications from them. After the applications are received, the committee will review the applications and make a final decision on how to distribute the ¥1,000,000.
Through this project, ICU students will experience the entire process of funding local non-profit organizations, from fundraising to fund management, while strengthening the bonds between ICU and the local community.