International Service-Learning


Internationalism has been one of ICU’s commitments since its foundation. International Service-Learning embodies this spirit through service and learning. Students participate in service programs provided by partner universities and institutions. Working in education, social welfare, and development, each student can pursue his or her interests in the global field. There are international programs, in which students work together with those from several countries.


SLAN – Service-Learning Asia Network

With some partner institutions in Asia, ICU has formed a collaborative network of service-learning programs. Students perform service activities with students from hosting institutions in schools and social welfare organizations in rural or poverty-stricken areas through this network.

Country Institution / Program overview

Lady Doak College

Lady Doak College (LDC) has been arranging service activities for ICU students (and in some years, students from other universities) by the International Study Center (ISL) faculty and staff.  Activities will include teaching classes at elementary schools in the city and suburbs and, depending on the year, supporting children at facilities for the disabled. There will be opportunities for lectures by LDC faculty on caste and gender, discussions with LDC students, morning yoga classes, home visits, visits to historical sites, etc.

Union Christian College

The main activities include helping children at schools and schools for the blind or reflecting on peace with local citizens. Students in the past years had opportunities to take lectures at the Union Christian College and make presentations on Japanese history and systems. The region is characterized by its religious diversity different from elsewhere in India where Hindu is the dominant religion.

* Program is cancelled for AY2024.


Petra Christian University

ICU students participated in the Community Outreach Program (COP) offered by Petra Christian University. Teams of students from Indonesia, Netherlands, South Korea, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan are sent to different villages to engage in local service activities (facility development and repair) for about four weeks. The ability to actively communicate in English is essential for participating in this program.


Silliman University

Students who participate in this program will have opportunities to learn about various social problems because they visit multiple organizations with the different focus every week (e.g., orphanages for one week, DV victim assistance centers for one week, shelters for another, education support at elementary schools for the last week, etc.). Silliman University kindly assign local students to accompany ICU students. It is very reassuring, and helps build strong ties between the students.


The Amity Foundation

The Amity Foundation is a Christian NGO headquartered in Nanjing and active throughout China. The education department of the Foundation arranges service activities for ICU students every year. Students work at facilities operated by the Foundation, such as bakery by the mentally disabled, elderly homes for the older adults. Service-Learning students also have a chance to work with volunteers from Europe and the U.S. in some years.

* Program is cancelled for AY2024.


ICU partnered with the University of Cape Town (UCT), Cape Town, South Africa from 2020. We are running the program related to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with them.

Country Institution / Program Overview

University of Cape Town

The main themes for the service activities will be Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and Global Citizenship Education (GCE). Students are to provide services at primary schools both private one and public ones, NGO and botanical garden engaged in environment development. ICU students are also expected to assit Saturday school at UCT, for high school students from less priviledege area. Visits to Cape Town's historical area and environmental conservation are being planned.