Message from SLC

Service-learning means learning through service(or volunteer aimed at voluntary social contribution)activities for short.

International Christian University is a liberal artscollege whose mission is to cultivate internationally minded citizens who perform service to God and humankind and make contributions to lasting peace. In liberal arts, we emphasize the importance of not only consolidating individual professional knowledge but also integrating it. In the specialized field, we will learn to dig deeply in each section about various questions and challenges in human beings, nature, and society. However, to tackle the actual problem, everyone has to listen to the opinions of others, act with the aim of overall understanding, live while holding inquiries, and grow as a whole person.

In service-learning activities, going out of the classroom to society, facing individuals and society, we find challenges and listen to people’s voices. We also work together with other students and local people. You may not be able to make a significant contribution. However, it may be possible to experience harmonious relationships and live together by actually living together, thinking about necessity, sharing the hope for the future, and what each thinks as happiness.

In service-learning, reflection and sharing play a vital role in addition to elaborate preparation. It means the importance of verbalizing what you learned through service activities, and you will share something in common with others who engaged in different activities. You will experience learning one another by sharing the same time.

Through service-learning, you will meet people who live an attractive way of life, and wonderful colleagues who share lives together. Although service learning may be a small part in your academic life, we hope that it will be a valuable part of your lifelong learning.

December 2018 Service-Learning Center