Are you familiar with the term "Service-Learning"?

Does "service" mean volunteering?

Is it an extracurricular program, or is it a social activity to prepare for a career?

Why is it part of the university curriculum at ICU, in the first place?

Service-Learning is an educational platform that provides practical and reciprocal learning opportunities for students. Participants will volunteer in a community service of their choice for a given period. Through the volunteer work, students will have opportunities to apply their on-campus learning to the community, deepen their knowledge and understanding through the community service, and leverage gained insights to advance their academic learning journey further.

ICU offers a year-long curriculum for Service-Learning to ensure that students' service experiences will evolve into meaningful learning. "General Education: Service-Learning" and "Preparation for Service-Learning Field Study" are courses offered in the spring term. These two courses provide preparation for a 30-day service during the summer recess, and "Reflection on Service Experiences" in the autumn term provides an opportunity to look back on the experience.

The central part of Service-Learning program is the actual service activities during the summer recess. Students enroll in one of two categories: "Community Service-Learning" for domestic and "International Service-Learning" for overseas depending on the service site.