Service-Learning: Experiential learning to critically think and act for others and world peace throughout one's life

Service-Learning means learning through service activities (or voluntary activities for spontaneous and social contribution). It is an experiential learning that has an intention to develop new ways of thinking, behaving, and being through reflection by finding a same goal with a community, engaging oneself with social issues as his/her own, and integrating academic knowledge and experiential knowledge. While becoming conscious of their own perspectives and positionality, students will obtain critical thinking, proactive behaviors, communication with profound understanding of diversity, reciprocity and tolerance, which will eventually lead to finding their own identity of global citizenship and meaning of social engagement. It is not by dividing academic knowledge and experiential knowledge but by integrating them that students will actively gain their own perspectives. Liberal arts education emphasizes integration of diverse knowledge and ways of knowing beyond specialized knowledge as well as nurturing citizenship by educating heart. ICU aims at preparing students through service-learning to become life-long learners who will continue to think critically and to act for others and world peace.