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ICU’s Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) opened its doors on April 1st 2015.
The ideal behind the new Center was to bring together all the different elements of student support [Academic Planning Support (APS), Writing Support Desk (WSD), Special Needs Support Services (SNSS)], as well as Faculty and Staff support [Faculty Development (FD), Staff Development (SD)] under one umbrella in order to ensure the integrated functioning of these various support services.

ICU is characterized by the diversity of its student body, the variety of its manners and the richness of its offerings. From the time of choosing their major up to the writing of their graduation thesis students must complete a liberal arts curriculum so that they may use this education to contribute to society both in Japan and abroad.

It is imperative for our students to receive appropriate support in order that they may attain the intellectual, personal, and spiritual growth we expect from them in the four short years that they are at ICU. At the same time faculty must constantly be improving the curriculum and their classes to educate students in a manner that corresponds to these high expectations. The profound cooperation of the highly trained staff is indispensable to the accomplishment of these goals.

As we begin our 63rd year we continue to strive to systematically integrate the various elements of a liberal arts education. Through the cooperation of all and with appropriate support, we dare to dream that we can accomplish even more than what has gone before us.

Field of Specialization: History of Modern Philosophy (Rousseau, Kant, and German Idealism) 


学修・教育センター センター長

オルバーグ, ジェレマイア L. (人文科学)

学修・教育センター 副センター長

小瀬 博之 (自然科学)


[任期] 2018年 4月 1日 ~ 2020 年 3月 31日
*印の教員(2017 年度より継続)は 2017年 4月 1日 ~ 2019年 3月 31日

オルバーグ, ジェレマイア L. (人文科学)
小瀬 博之 (自然科学)
藤井 彰子 (教育学・言語教育)*
オコネル, ジェラード A (リベラルアーツ英語プログラム)
近藤 正規 (経済・経営学)*
吉田 智行 (心理学・言語学)
松田 浩道 (政治学・国際関係学)*
カレン, ベヴァリー F. M. (社会・文化・メディア)
菊池 秀明 (歴史学)
オ, ヘギョン (世界の言語)
武田 知子 (日本語教育課程)
高橋 伸 (体育)


宮川 繁

学修・教育センター 部長

小林 智子


国際基督教大学 ミルドレッド・トップ・オスマー図書館1F