About CTL

The objectives of the CTL are to support the learning of students from multiple language/learning backgrounds and to promote the sustainable improvement of educational activity for faculty members. CTL will be a place where both students and faculty may consult, obtain support, and participate in the improvement of teaching and learning. CTL will also modify, plan, and develop the educational platform of ICU to examine, analyze and research on students for this purpose.

Mission Statement of ICU’s Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)

The mission of the Center for Teaching and Learning is (1) to support all students in their learning, (2) to support all faculty in creating and maintaining a culture of excellence in advising and teaching, and (3) to bridge teaching and learning to create an inclusive academic and educational environment for the entire university in implementing ICU’s diploma policy.

(1) Learning Support

  • Assisting students to become intentional learners through personalized Academic Planning Support (APS) and support of ICU Brothers and Sisters (IBS)
  • Improving students’ academic skills through various support services
  • Creating a universal learning environment by providing reasonable accommodations and collaborating with students, faculty, staff and relevant offices
  • Enriching students’ learning by organizing student learning workshops and providing information

(2) Teaching Support

  • Creating and maintaining a culture of excellence in advising and education among all faculty.
  • Supporting faculty in maintaining and improving their skills as excellent advisors and educators.
  • Integrating new faculty into the ICU community and introducing new faculty to their roles as educators and advisors at ICU.
  • Teaching Assistants (TA) and Information Communication Technology (ICT) support by holding workshops
  • Sharing evidence-based global best practices in education and advising.

(3) Bridge Support between Teaching and Learning

  • Creating an inclusive learning community by collaborating with all students, faculty and staff members
  • Supporting the implementation of ICU’s university-wide goals in the areas of teaching and learning by providing appropriate information and services, including various surveys and educational research results.
  • Providing the ICU community with forums for fellowship and the exchange of information, experiences and opinions across academic programs, and among faculty, staff and administrators.


In order to accomplish the above mission, we ourselves will also strive for an inclusive collaboration within the Center, pursuant to the philosophy of the University.



NASU, KEI (History)

Associate Director

TSUJITA, MARI (Education and Language Education)

AY2024 CTL Management Committee

Name Department / Program Term of Appointment
AMMOUR-MAYEUR, OLIVIER Humanities 2023.4.1 - 2025.3.31
MARSZALEC, DANIEL JANUSZ Economics and Business 2024.4.1 - 2026.3.31
MIYAKAWA, ERIKA Psychology and Linguistics 2024.4.1 - 2026.3.31
TSUBAKIDA,YUKIKO History 2023.4.1 - 2025.3.31
MATSUMURA, TOMOO Natural Sciences 2023.4.1 - 2025.3.31
SUH, JAE-JUNG Politics and International Studies 2024.4.1 - 2026.3.31
GARZA, JAMES MICHAEL Society, Culture and Media 2024.4.1 - 2026.3.31
HOWARD, CRAIG DENNIS Education and Language Education 2023.4.1 - 2025.3.31
QUINTERO GARCIA, DANIEL World Languages 2024.4.1 - 2026.3.31
SMITH, GUY A. English for Liberal Arts Program 2024.4.1 - 2026.3.31
SAKATA, REIKO Japanese Language Programs 2024.4.1 - 2026.3.31
TERADA, KAYO Health and Physical Education Program 2024.4.1 - 2026.3.31

Assistant Director



Mildred Topp Othmer Library 1F, International Christian University


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