国際シンポジウム開催のご案内 (2022年7月2日)



サービス・ラーニング・アジア・ネットワーク(SLAN - Service-Learning Asia Network)と 国際基督教大学(ICU)のサービス・ラーニング・センターは、今年で 20 周年を迎えます。ICUがSLANの年次総会を主催する機会に、アジアにおけるサービス・ラーニング(SL)の国際シンポジウムを開催し、これまでの活動を振り返り、これからの20年の方向性を議論したいと思います。ユネスコは2021年に教育の未来に関する報告書(Reimagining our futures together: A new social contract for education)を発表し、2050年に向けてコモングッド(Common Good)のための教育に重点を置くことを提唱しました。また、Common Goodは単数ではなく複数であり、それぞれの地域が価値観や文化において特定の文脈を持っていることを強調しています。SLANは、アジアの文脈の中で、どのようにCommon Goodの達成を高めてきたのでしょうか。SLANは今後どのようにネットワーク化し、プログラムを充実させることができるのでしょうか?




時間:13:00-16:00 (日本標準時)

開催方法:ハイブリッド (対面、オンラインでのご参加が可能)

会場:国際基督教大学 東ヶ崎潔記念ダイアログハウス2階 国際会議室






12:30- 開場

13:00-13:10 開催のご挨拶 ICU学長 岩切正一郎

13:10-13:35 基調講演 ICUサービス・ラーニング・センター センター長 西村幹子

13:35-13:40 Q&A

13:40-14:20 パネルディスカッション
 Carol Ma, Associate Professor, Singapore University of Social Sciences (East Asia)
 Betty McCann, President, Silliman University (Southeast Asia)
 Mercy Pushpalatha, Former President, Lady Doak College, India and Consultant, United Board of Christian Higher Education in Asia (South Asia)
 ICU 西村幹子

14:20-14:30 休憩

14:30-14:50 他地域のSL専門家のコメント
 Tim Stanton, Former Director, Haas Center for Public Service, Stanford University (USA)
 Florence McCarthy, Former Special Advisor for Service-Learning at ICU (Australia)

14:50-15:35 オープンディスカッション

15:35-15:45 閉会のご挨拶 ICU学務副学長 ロバ−ト・エスキルドセン


Carol Ma, Associate Professor, Singapore University of Social Sciences


Carol Ma is known among academia and thecommunity sector as an active and passionatepractitioner of Service-Learning (S-L) and aging inAsia. Carol is the founding member of S-L at LingnanUniversity and has revitalized the Service-LearningAsia Network. As a pioneer of S-L in Hong Kong,she had set up the S-L Higher Education Network inHong Kong and was among the first to promote S-Lin Mainland China. She believes S-L can contribute toa win-win situation for all stakeholders includingteachers, students, communities, and the regions ofAsia. Carol serves as a senior consultant to conductvarious community-based research and trainings forstudents, teachers, and community partners fromTaiwan, Hong Kong, Bhutan, Philippines, Vietnam,Canada, Indonesia, Japan, etc. As an energetic andcommitted scholar, Carol has published books andarticles on S-L and aging in refereed journals andpolicy papers for global agencies, includingUNESCAP and US higher education institutions.

Currently, Carol is the senior fellow of the Centre for Experiential learning, associate professor, andHead of Gerontology Programmes (Master & PhD) at Singapore University of Social Sciences. Sheis leading the curriculum development, community engagement, and research in gerontology andpromoting transdisciplinary education to address aging issues. She has led various aging and service-learning projects, namely, the elder learning development project, the age-friendly cities project(accredited by WHO), and the intergenerational project on health & wellbeing, etc. In view of thepandemic, Carol has taken the lead to work on a project on Reminiscences in Dementia Care duringthe COVID-19 pandemic with National Archives of Singapore and Dementia Singapore.

Betty McCann, President, Silliman University

BCM cv2.jpg

Dr. Betty Cernol McCann assumed the presidency of Silliman University on 1 June 2018 as the 13th and first woman
president of Silliman. In January 2019 to December 2021, she served as President of the Association of Christian
Universities and Colleges in Asia (ACUCA). She sits on the Board of the Coordinating Council of Private Educational
Associations (COCOPEA) in the Philippines. She is a registered psychologist with the Board of Psychology of the
Professional Regulation Commission of the Philippines and a certified specialist in social psychology (CSSP) by the
Psychological Association of the Philippines. Her professional interests revolve around higher education, servicelearning,
environment and stewardship, gender and society, participatory management and whole person education.
Dr. McCann served the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia (UB) in various capacities - first as
Associate Director at the HongKong-based Asian Christian Higher Education Institute in 2002-2006, then as Program
Director for South Asia, and finally as Vice President for Programs in 2007 to 2013.

Mercy Pushpalatha, Former President, Lady Doak College, India and Consultant, Former United Board of Christian Higher Education in Asia

Mercy_IMG- - Copy.jpg

Mercy Pushpalatha, Ph.D was the Program Consultant for South Asia Programs in the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia(from October 2018 till March 2022).She coordinated the service-learning and peace education programs, in the United Board. She is formerly the Principal and Secretary of Lady Doak College, India (2008-2017). During her tenure as principal, Dr Mercy and her colleagues introduced Life Frontier engagement -a community-based action research and experiential learning initiative into the curriculum for all the final year Undergraduate students. Among her publications in Service-Learning is the recent article Promoting Whole person Education through Service-Learning in Pre and Post Pandemic Period (2021), published in the online series of International Christian University, Japan: Service-Learning in the era of "new Normal": Reflections in the Models of Service-Learning and Future Partnerships. She serves in the Academic Sounding Board of, UNISERVITATE, Service-Learning in Catholic Higher Education.


Tim Stanton, Former Director, Haas Center for Public Service, Stanford University

T.Stanton (1).jpeg

Tim Stanton is Senior Engaged Scholar with Ravensong Associates, through which he consults on the design and development of engaged scholarship in the US, Africa and Asia. Over 30 years at Stanford University he established and directed the Bing Overseas Studies Program in Cape Town; co-founded and directed the Community
Health concentration at Stanford Medical School; served as associate director and director of the Haas Center for Public Service. He was adjunct education lecturer for Queens University, Ontario, and Roberta Buffett Visiting Professor in International Studies at Northwestern University. Prior to Stanford he directed Human Ecology
Field Studies at Cornell University.
As consultant Stanton assisted Campus Compact in organizing national faculty institutes on service-learning curriculum development, coordinated The Research Universities Civic Engagement Network (TRUCEN), and co-authored the online Research University Engaged Scholarship Toolkit. He served as academic advisor and trainer for South Africa's Community-Higher Education-Service Partnerships (CHESP) programme. He has published numerous articles, co-authored a book, Service-Learning: A Movement's Pioneers Reflect on its Origins, Practice, and Future, and co-curated the Service-Learning History archive (https://exhibits.stanford.edu/servicelearning). He earned a PhD in human and organization systems at Fielding Graduate University.

Florence McCarthy, Former Special Advisor for Service-Learning at ICU

Mo head shot 2022.jpg

Florence McCarthy, has been closely associated with the Service-Learning Asia Network since 2000. She has supported the introduction of service learning in 14 institutions in 11 Asian and South Asian countries encouraging the inclusion of s-l in their institutional curriculum and practice. In the 1990's, She was Associate Professor and Director of the International Development Education Department, Teachers College, Columbia University, and from 2000, was Visiting Professor in Management and Consultant in Service Learning, International Christian University, Mitaka, Japan. Working in South and Southeast Asia, her work focused on education and societal change, the role of women, and migration and refugee issues. During the 1980's she worked extensively in policy areas related to decentralization, impact assessment, and to creating women's development programs of Scandinavian nations, including women's roles in agricultural production. The latter area was the focus of her leadership of a unit in the Policy and Planning Division of the Ministry of Agriculture in Bangladesh.


Mikiko Nishimura, Professor, International Christian University


Mikiko NISHIMURA is a Professor of Sociology of Education and International Educational Development, Director of Service-Learning Center and Chair of Education and Language Education Department at International Christian University in Tokyo, Japan. Prior to the current position, she was an Associate Specialist at Japan International Cooperation Agency, a development consultant, and an Associate Professor at Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies of Kobe University. Her primary research interests are analysis of education reforms and policies, community participation in education, gender in education, civic/community engagement and liberal arts education. She has worked extensively in education planning and research in developing countries as a development consultant and researcher. Her current research focuses on gender and community participation in schools in Kenya, Positive Deviance Study in public primary schools in Uganda, and creativity and critical thinking in Japanese higher education. Her recent publication includes Community Participation with Schools in Developing Countries: Towards Equitable and Inclusive Basic Education for All (Routledge, 2020) and Doing Liberal Arts Education: The Global Case Studies (Springer, 2019).