Moodle (LMS)

ICU uses a learning management system (LMS) called Moodle to support learning and complement classes. Moodle is a convenient tool that allows instructors to upload course material. Moodle can also be used for submitting and returning assignments. Moodle can be accessed anytime and anywhere as long as you have Internet access. At the CTL, we organize regular workshops and consultation sessions about Moodle. We are also able to respond to individual inquiries. If you have any questions regarding Moodle, please feel free to visit the CTL Office. *Note: The ID/password for logging in to Moodle is the same as the ID/password that you use to log in to ICU Portal, icuMAP, and your email account. (Do not include when logging in to Moodle.)

To get started ICU Moodle for Faculty (How to log in)
To get started ICU Moodle for students (How to log in)
Moodle Consultation (Online Reservation)

Moodle consultations can be booked online in advance.
Please check the availability of the desired date and time on the calendar in the booking site before making a reservation.

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