What is Writing Support Desk (WSD)?

At the Writing Support Desk, all ICU undergraduate and graduate students can discuss anything related to your assignments or papers. Tutors can help you at all stages of your writing process. You do not have to have anything written down to use this service. Through the process of trying to explain what you have written to your tutor and trying to answer the questions that he/she poses to you, you will be able to organize your thoughts and discover ways to improve your writing.

Below are some of the things that can be covered in a WSD session:

Deciding on a topic, brainstorming, identifying research questions, developing and organizing your ideas and thoughts, structuring your paper, thinking of ways to improve your paper, searching the literature and using databases, citing sources, etc. *WSD tutors do not proofread or edit your work.

WSD User Interview

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Center for Teaching and Learning (Writing Support)
Othmer Library 1F
Email: wsd@icu.ac.jp