Tips for Using Online Tools

Here are some tips for Using Online Tools in the Face-to-Face Classroom.
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  1. To take Attendance for classes using online tools
  2. Sharing Class Materials & Setting Assignment
  3. Live Online Class
  4. Asynchronous Lecture (Moodle + Kaltura)
  5. Group Work & Discussion
  6. Online Presentation
  7. Virtual Office hour
  8. How to find Digital Text, Video, etc.

1. To take the Attendance for online/hybrid classes

2.Sharing Class Materials & Setting Assignments

3. Group Work & Discussion

  1. Discussion using Moodle Forums (Asynchronous)
  2. Discussion using Kaltura videos + Moodle Forums (Asynchronous) 
  3. Group work using Google Meet (Synchronous)
  4. Group Work using Zoom (Synchronous)

4. Live Online Class 

Lectures by guest lecturers from abroad, etc.
  1. Live online class using Zoom (Synchronous)
    ◎How to teach an online lesson with Zoom (video 3:43)
    ・Invite students by Email
    ・Copy invitation URL and paste the URL into Moodle
  2. Live online class using Google Meet (Synchronous)

4. Moodle + Kaltura (Asynchronous)

Less worry about communication problems. Allows for ample time to prepare in advance.
Live discussion and questioning opportunities ensure a fulfilling lecture.
Stream on Moodle a video that was recorded in advance using Kaltura

5. GroupWork & Discussion

For learning outside of class time and for time-lagged communication with international students.

6. Online Presentation

7. Virtual Office Hour

8. How to find Digital Text, Video, etc.

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