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We have produced a bilingual FD Newsletter at ICU, and we take great pleasure in making it available on the internet. And, just as we hope to contribute to Faculty Development outside ICU, we look forward to learning about efforts at other institutions in Japan and abroad. We look forward to these reciprocal efforts and, for now, thank you for your interest in our program.

Director, the Center for Teaching and Learning

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FD Newsletter Vol. 27, March 2023


Table of Contents

  1. AY2022 FD Activities
  2. Simply Read: An Experience with Perusall
  3. Facilitating Debates in a Hybrid or Mixed-Mode Classroom
  4. Supporting University Students with Disabilities
  5. The Role of Universities in Building an Inclusive Society: Professor Yasuko Futaba’s Guest Lecture and ICU’s Student Supporters for Students with Disabilities
  6. Creating a More Inclusive Learning Environment: Insights and Initiatives from CTL’s FD Seminar in 2021
  7. Teaching Argumentation in the ELA
  8. Enhancing Student Participation in Large Online Courses
  9. Assessments, Feedback, and Grading at ICU
  10. From English Medium Instruction (EMI) to Japanese Medium Instruction (JMI): Applying EMI Pedagogy to Higher Education in Japan
  11. Report on the AY2022 Faculty Retreat: The Future of Online Teaching at ICU 
  12. Addressing the Challenge of Cognitive Bias for College Critical Thinking
  13. Report on the NACADA 2022 Annual Conference

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