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We have produced a bilingual FD Newsletter at ICU, and we take great pleasure in making it available on the internet. And, just as we hope to contribute to Faculty Development outside ICU, we look forward to learning about efforts at other institutions in Japan and abroad. We look forward to these reciprocal efforts and, for now, thank you for your interest in our program.

Director, the Center for Teaching and Learning

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FD Newsletter Vol. 28, March 2024


Table of Contents

  1. “I Am Not A Robot.”  Kei Nasu, CTL Director
  2. Progress, Not Perfection - Why Writing Teachers Got a Lucky Start Facing the Challenge of AI Text Generation Tools to Academic Work
  3. The Emergence of Reasonable Accommodation through Dialogue
  4. Brown Bag Lunch & Learn: Supporting Students’ Development of Quantitative Skills
  5. Neurodiversity and Student Support: Perspectives on the AY 2022 FD/SD Seminar
  6. Report on the Academic Skills Project
  7. Insights from AHEAD’s 46th Annual Conference, “Equity & Excellence: Access in Higher Education”
  8. Watashi-no Sensei - What I Learned about Teaching from My Teacher #1 - Mari Tsujita, Department of Education and Language Education
  9. Watashi-no Sensei - What I Learned about Teaching from My Teacher #2 - Julian R. Koe, Department of Natural Sciences
  10. AY2023 FD Activities

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