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About ICU OpenCourseWare

ICU celebrated the 60th anniversary of its founding in 2013. To help mark that anniversary, ICU launched its OpenCourseWare project online on 1 April 2013. OpenCourseWare.OCW is a project that makes class contents available to the public and was started at MIT in 2001. The project was then supported by universities around the globe and an OCW Consortium was established. The Japan OCW Consortium was established in 2006, with ICU joining in 2008.(
as the project’s popularity spread it has come to support the role of offering an “open education” to all people. In recent years, a project to offer education online known as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) has gained notice

At present, ICU’s OCW project has made over 90 regular courses available online (primarily through video content) plus other special lectures and classes held as demonstrations for Open Campus events. For more details on courses available, please visit the About ICU OpenCourseWare page.

At ICU, basically, all courses are available to all students. We hope the course contents we make available online will be a valuable source of information for students when they are deciding what courses to take or, at the end of their second year, when they are choosing their major. Additionally, we hope that by having a short period of time when lecture videos are at first only available to individuals at ICU that OCW will be an important learning tool and help students review in ICU’s unique environment distinguished by students’ diverse language backgrounds and the university’s bilingual curriculum.

Professors will also be able to improve their lectures by watching their own videos as well as get ideas and build cooperative relationships by watching other professors’ classes.

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