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How to Request Academic Accommodations

Students first meet with a Learning Accessibility Services (LAS) staff member to discuss their needs. After submitting the necessary documents, students can receive a variety of accommodations.

Steps for applying for and receiving academic accommodations:

1. Meet with LAS staff member to discuss your needs
2. Submit the necessary documents
・A medical certificate from your doctor or a letter from your counselor or other specialist
Request for Academic Accommodations Form (This form must be signed by your advisor.)
・A document describing the support, etc., that you have received previously (where appropriate)
3. Develop an accommodation plan with a member of the LAS staff
4. The LAS office delivers your accommodation requests to your professors

*Student newly requiring Academic Accommodations should complete the application procedure by the last day of Week 4 of each term.

*Continued users should check here at the beginning of each term. (ICU students only)

Types of Academic Accommodations

The following are examples of some common reasonable accommodations; however, the list is not exhaustive and we offer other necessary support taking into account the needs of each student. Please contact the LAS office for more information specific to your needs.

Accommodations for Exams & Assignments

The LAS office plays an intermediary role between a student and an instructor to request or arrange any accommodations necessary for exams and assignments. The types of accommodations available include extended exam time limits and arranging for a separate room to take an exam.

Real-time Captioning Service

The LAS office provides real-time captioning, which is an instant translation of the spoken word into text. The things that are said in class or comments made by the instructor or students are transcribed using computers or by hand.

Alternative Format Service

If it is not possible for a student to use course textbooks/materials in their usual form due to, for example, a visual impairment, the SNSS office will convert materials into an accessible format (e.g., braille transcription, providing large print materials, modifying the layout, conversion into text, converting text to speech).

Scribes/Typing Services

If a student has trouble writing or typing, the student can use scribes or typing services for class reports, exams, etc. These services are provided by Student Supporters. In addition, the SNSS office loans laptops that have speech-to-text software installed on them as necessary.

Mobility Support/Sighted Guide on Campus

Student Supporters can help students who have difficulty in getting around campus or moving from classroom to classroom.

Accommodations Concerning Classrooms & Classroom Facilities

When students with disabilities have lectures in classrooms that are hard to get to, have equipment-related issues, or lack the required space, the LAS office does what it can to make classroom changes and facilitate the necessary measures.

Assistive Technology

To assist with problems encountered during class or exams, the LAS office loans devices such as PCs, IC recorders, support software, etc.

Using the LAS office

At the LAS office, students can work on computers installed with support software, access a braille printer, magnifier, 3D printer, etc. Students may also use the available space to study or to rest.

*In addition to the reasonable accommodations described above, we offer other support taking into account the needs of each student as necessary. If you are experiencing difficulties in your life at university or have any questions or concerns, please visit or contact the LAS office.

Assistive Technology and Equipment Available in the SNSS Office

Braille printer braille printer.jpg
Three-dimensional copy machine piaf.gif
Closed Circuit television system(CCTV) Closed-circuit-TV.gif
Braille PDA 点字PDA.png
Digital memo pad pad.jpg
Braille Display 点字ディスプレイ.png
Manual Wheelchair manual wheelchair
Powered Wheelchair whill model F.png
Hearing Aids System(Microphone:Roger select, Receiver: Roger neck-loop)
*Subsidised by the ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Future Foundation



3D printer


Screen Reader:
PC-Talker, JAWS, Net Reader

Speech-to-text software:
Ami Voice, UD talk

About Student Supporters

The LAS office is always looking for people who wish to become Student Supporters and work with us to provide learning support to students with special needs. Student Supporters undertake a variety of learning support activities at ICU, such as converting printed materials into digital text and real-time captioning. Student Supporters perform these learning support activities as part-time on-campus student staff and wages are paid according to the university standard.

Student Supporter Registration

If you would like to become a Student Supporter, please register at the LAS office.

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