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What does Writing Support Desk do?

At the Writing Support Desk (WSD), ICU graduate students serve as tutors, supporting graduate and undergraduates with their writing work. It is located in Center for Teaching and Learning (First floor, Othmer Library.)  

more detail about WSD

How to reserve the tutorial session?

Please click the button to reserve a tutorial session. Each session is 40 minutes. Only up to 2 reservations can be made at one time.


・Please read the manual before you start using online reservation system.
・Reservation must be made by 18:00 before the day (except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays) of reserved session.
・Contact WSD to reschedule and cancel your reservations. wsd@icu.ac.jp Call 0422-33-3516 if you have to cancel on the day, or come to the Writing Support Desk directly.
・If you are more than ten minutes late, your appointment time may be given to another student.

Tutorial Session Schedule

2019 Autumn Schedule: September 11 (Wed)~ November 21 (Thu)

  • Sep.11 (Wed) Reserved tutorial session starts
  • Sep.18 (Wed) Walk-In session starts
  • Nov. 4 (Mon)  No session due to University close
  • Nov.21 (Thu) The last day of Walk-In and Reserved session


Classes Reserved Tutorials (40 min.) Walk-In Tutorials
1st Period 8:50-10:00 9:00-9:40 -
2nd Period 10:10-11:20 10:20-11:00 -
3rd Period 11:30-12:40 11:40-12:20 -
Lunch 12:40-13:40 12:50-13:30

※ You can drop in at the WSD desk without reservation during this time period.

Walk-In Schedule

4th Period 13:50-15:00 14:00-14:40
5th Period 15:10-16:20 15:20-16:00
6th Period 16:30-17:40 16:40-17:20 -

The document types we can support


Every ICU students write it to graduate...right?

Class report

ELA、GE、MAJOR...any kind of class is fine.

Other academic papers

As far as we can support in case the document you'd like us to help is the academic paper.

  • WSD help with both Japanese and English paper. Both languages are available in the session, too.
  • We do not help the papers for job hunting. Please ask advice of Placement group

Tutor Applications

Writing Support Desk are not recruiting at the moment. 



ICU Writing Support Desk
Othmer Library 1F
TEL: 0422-33-3516 Email: wsd@icu.ac.jp

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