Apr. 28, 2017

[JPS101] Sharing Videos (Group Work Assignment) with an Overseas University

Students in an Asian Studies class at one of ICU’s overseas partner universities, Kenyon College, shared videos of their PechaKucha presentations. Then ICU students recorded videos of their own presentations on various Japanese themes and shared them with Kenyon College. Students from both universities shared their feedback with each other.

This case illustrates the effective use of class time to work on a group project, as the instructor utilized the flipped learning concept by first watching videos with students on how to create and record PechaKucha presentations and watching the PechaKucha videos from Kenyon College.

Instructor: Christopher BONDY
Course Title: JPS101 Introduction to Japan Studies
Term: 2017 Spring
Enquiry: The instructor wanted his students to create PechaKucha presentations on various Japanese themes after students in an Asian Studies class at one of ICU’s overseas partner universities (Kenyon College) had shared videos of their own PechaKucha presentations. He wanted them to be able to share their videos with Kenyon College, and for students from both universities to share their comments. Creating videos would be a group work assignment for this course.
April 20, 2017: Watch videos from Kenyon College.
April 27, 2017: Record presentations by ICU students (2–3 periods) and share them with Kenyon College, so students from both universities can share their impressions and comments.
Support: • The screen and audio recording functions of QuickTime Player (ILC231/232 for Mac) were used by each group to record video and audio during class
• The videos were uploaded to Google Drive
• The instructor uploaded the link to Moodle
• The videos were shared with Kenyon College students.
Tools: • QuickTime Player (ILC231/232)
• YouTube (for faculty)
• Moodle (Guest Mode)
Reference: FD Newsletter, vol 22, no. 2 (“Good ICT Tools”)